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Policy features and important information

The following information is an overview of the features and important information covering your policy. To read more about your policy download our Policy Wording document.


You have unlimited free access to:
  • The Legal Help Line for specialist UK advice covering Commercial Law, Road Transport Law, Operator Licensing, Freight Law, Employment Law, Health and Safety, Taxation and VAT enquiries
  • Telephone stress counselling


Claims Handling and Claims Notification


Abbey have arranged for representation by specialist Freight and Haulage Solicitors. Under all Sections of Cover other than Sections B3, C and D where recourse is necessary to a lawyer and proceedings are issued you are free to choose your own representative subject to any Increased Excess.

All claims under Sections B3, C and D will be handled by Abbey Legal Protection’s choice of Appointed Representative.


Initial notification of a claim must be made immediately by writing to the Claims Department at Abbey Legal Protection, Minories House, 2-5 Minories, London, EC3N 1BJ.



Employment Disputes


The Insurer will only agree to cover Claims where the Insured has sought and followed advice from the Abbey Legal Line and obtained their authorisation:
  1. prior to carrying out any disciplinary procedure or action or suspension of an Employee;
  2. prior to dismissal of an Employee;
  3. prior to notifying an Employee of their intended retirement date or retiring an Employee;
  4. prior to instituting a redundancy programme and prior to making an Employee redundant;
  5. upon notification formally or informally of a grievance from an Employee or ex-Employee;
  6. upon notification formally or informally of a complaint relating to discrimination, victimization or harassment because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation;
  7. prior to any adverse variation or proposed adverse variation of the terms and conditions of employment (including altering the hours or time or place worked or demotion or deduction from or reduction in an Employee’s remuneration);
  8. immediately an Employee walks out with or without written notice;
  9. upon receipt of an appeal from an Employee or ex-Employee against a decision taken as a result of a disciplinary or grievance procedure or retirement procedure or a decision to dismiss.

Undisputed Debts

An undisputed debt must be referred to the Debt Collection Service within 30 days after the date the invoice was due for payment. The Debt Collection Service is provided by a debt collection organisation which is not part of Abbey Legal Protection but it can be accessed by telephoning the Abbey Legal Line and asking to be transferred to the Debt Collection Service.


The Insured must utilise the services of the Debt Collection Service at their own cost. The fee charged by the Debt Collection Service is a percentage of the amount of the debt recovered from the debtor. The policy does not cover this fee.

If the Debt Collection Service recommends legal proceedings against the debtor to recover the debt, the Insured must immediately submit a Claim under the Contract Disputes Section of Cover. The Insured should contact the Claims Department for a Claim Form If at any time an undisputed debt referred to the Debt Collection Service becomes disputed, the Insured must contact the Claims Department.

Making a Claim

If you need to notify a possible Claim, you should write immediately to the Claims Department (Abbey Legal Protection, Minories House, 2-5 Minories, London, EC3N 1BJ or fax 0845 250 8863 or e-mail

You should provide the Policy Number and brief details of the circumstances. A claim form will be sent to you for completion and this must be returned without delay. Please note that in certain circumstances (as shown on the Schedule) Abbey Legal Protection will choose a suitable representative to act on your behalf.