Vehicle Operator's Legal Expenses Protection:
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Policy benefits

The following information is an overview of the policy benefits, to read more about what is included and what policy exclusions there are please go to the bottom of the page and download our Policy Summary document.

Criminal Prosecution

Defence of criminal prosecutions including seepage, pollution or contamination proceedings resulting from a motor accident and appeals against Improvement Notices under the Health and Safety at Work Act or the Food Safety Act.

Civil Penalties

  • an appeal against London Lorry Bans
  • an appeal against Immigration and Asylum Act civil penalties
  • an appeal against Low Emission Zone penalties

Criminal Interview Under Caution

Representation at an Interview Under Caution.

Employment Disputes

Defence of disputes with prospective employees, employees or ex-employees concerning their contract of employment, or any employment related legislation and indemnity for awards of compensation, all providing you have followed the advice of the Legal Advice Line:
  • Prior to carrying out a disciplinary procedure or action or suspension of an employee
  • Prior to dismissal of an employee
  • Prior to instituting a redundancy programme and prior to making an employee redundant
  • Prior to notifying an employee of their intended retirement date or retiring an employee
  • Upon notification of a grievance
  • Upon notification of a complaint of discrimination
  • Prior to any adverse variation, or proposed adverse variation of the terms and conditions of employment (including hours, time, place of work, demotion or reduction in an employee’s remuneration)
  • Immediately an employee walks out
  • Upon receipt of an appeal by an employee of a disciplinary or grievance decision

Tax Protection

Expert representation for your business in the event of either a full enquiry, an Employer Compliance dispute, an aspect enquiry, a Schedule 36 pre dispute request or a VAT tribunal.

Property Disputes

Pursuit or defence of disputes over:
  • Possession of Your property
  • The terms of your tenancy agreement
  • Alleged negligence, damage or nuisance to your property

Data Protection

Defence of claims arising out of an application or appeal under the Data Protection Act and payment of compensation awards made against you under the Act.

Statutory Licence

An appeal against the suspension, revocation, imposed alteration of, or refusal to renew a Statutory Licence.

Personal Injury

Pursuit of claims for compensation following a personal injury.

Wrongful Arrest Defence

Defence of claims alleging wrongful arrest or malicious prosecution.

Jury Service Allowance

To pay the amount you are liable to pay employees when they attend on jury service.

Pension Trustee Defence

Defending claims against You in Your capacity as a trustee of a pension fund for the benefit of your employees.

Transport Operator’s Licence Disputes

Representing you at a public enquiry before the Traffic Commissioner which could lead to the suspension, revocation, imposed alteration of or refusal to renew your vehicle operator’s licence.

Contract Disputes (Optional)

A contractual dispute where the contract is for:
i. the purchase, sale, hire, service, repair or testing of a motor vehicle
ii. the sale of goods or a contract for the hire of goods or contract for supply of a service, provided that:
  • The amount in dispute exceeds £1,000
  • If the dispute relates to monies owed to You, You notify the designated debt collection service within 30 days and agree to instruct them on a no win no fee basis
  • Legal Expenses incurred in the pursuit of any claim or legal proceedings shall be limited to 75% of the amount in dispute
  • If the dispute relates to a construction contract the work is carried out to your property and the work is for the repair or renovation of your property

Construction Contract Disputes (Optional)

Disputes about the supply of goods or services in a Construction Contract provided that:
  • Adjudication Expenses and/or Legal Expenses incurred in the pursuit of any claim shall be limited to 75% of the amount in dispute
  • The sum in dispute exceeds £5,000 (or as otherwise agreed)
  • The contract is in writing, stating the parties to the agreement, the work to be done and the payments to be made
  • If variations are made to the contract there is evidence of the extra work, the instructions for the extra work and the agreed cost of the extra work
  • All Adjudication Expenses shall be first met out of any damages, compensation or monies received in that adjudication or subsequent litigation

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